The New Horizons satellite fly-buy of Pluto happened in the summer of 2015. This work was an attempt to use the months before the release of these images to imagine what Pluto might look like. Pluto exists in a very particular place, too far for certain telescopes to picture clearly and too close for other telescopes. All we had at that moment were multiple pixelated images of the planet, something akin to a disco ball. “What about Pluto's agency?” Maybe Pluto didn't want to be photographed, and thats why it always appeared blurry (think Deconstructing Harry). Three characters are present in this dance: Pluto (planet), Disco, and Pluto Malone an imagined basketball star who refuses to be photographed while playing the game. The three characters exist in the space appearing in and out of focus. The project was ended once the first images of a clear Pluto were released.